Battalion Commander 1917

If arcade games are your favorites, this new option called Battalion Commander 1917 from ABCya land just might be the next perfect choice for your playtime! Gather the strength you have to dive into the middle of this intense battlefield and conquer the territories of your enemies to win! Your victory depends on how long you can survive and how many meters of land you can protect.

There will be a large number of enemy machines that you need to destroy on the other side of the field. As these machines can defeat all of your comrades, do your best in this race against time to cross the enemy's territories. Depending on your position on the team, your mission list will vary. From covering 500 meters of barriers, killing 100 enemies, to breaking 1 wired fence, your mission changes as you upgrade your position from Lieutenant to Commander.

Do your best to free the fellow soldiers on your team who have been held captive as well, because they can rejoin your army and contribute to attack the opponents. Don't forget to gather the gold scattered on the field while running and gathering weapons. There are lots of upgrades for weapons, gears, vehicles, tanks that you can purchase from the store of using your coins.

Valuable upgrades will be a great help for your victory. Keep in mind that you can control the rescued soldiers using the mouse as well. They move in groups and follow your instruction closely, therefore, use your resources wisely to win. The speed of winning as well as the winning scores shall be crucial as they decide your position on the Leaderboard! Showcase your talents to the world with more games like The Last Man later.

Controls: Click the left mouse to interact with the soldiers.