The Last Man

An emergency call from the station with no man surviving - the Alien Life Unit Center is calling for a special task force to start the task of protecting the planet from the attack wave of these aliens. Your main goal is to search the compound and locate the specimen which has escaped the laboratory. Dive into this dark-themed online game with the horror features prominent to test your ability to complete tasks with high difficulty levels and a complicated setup. Enjoy playing this games here at ABCya 4 grade.

First, follow the team to explore the layout of the game. The goal is to survive the alien attack while finding all the valuable weapons, tools, gears, and updates that will be helpful for your team during the quest. Look for the escape door and make sure that your team can make it out alive! Make sure to look for danger in every corner since the aliens are scattered here and there, with random appearances to make it scarier.

These aliens can chop your character's head off with one hit, therefore, be careful to steer clear of their attacks. Do your best to find the way out of this labyrinth with a 3D layout and tons of generated weapons, bullets, hidden doors, and a variety of enemies! Three final stages filled with the deadliest aliens and monster boss will take your fighting experience to another level!

A total of three most efficient weapons of a combat knife, guns, and a sniper rifle will be your most valuable tools in the quest of defeating these aliens. Feel free to roam the free gaming world of with the chance to explore other interesting games such as Galaxzynos  later!


Use WASD or arrow keys to move the character.

Shoot and aim using the left button.

Use the right button to pick up weapons,

mouse scroll to change them,

T key to turn on and off thermal goggles,

key to use vision goggles,

M to see the map.