If space game is your cup of tea, here at ABCya 4th 2022, we introduce another version of space games with great power for your spaceship, new shooting features, and the best setting in space! Enjoy this kid game of Galaxzynos with the main theme of a space shooter game. You need to advance further in the game by shooting at the enemies coming toward you.

There will be tons of enemies from the other gates of the galaxy coming to try and take over your land. It's time to pick a fight with different types of spaceships so that you can protect yours. In this space war, there will be incoming rains of bullets from your enemies. You need to move from the left to right and change the movement of the ship wisely to avoid getting hit by the bullets. Your spaceship automatically releases streams of bullets so you just need to adjust the direction.

Slide to the left and right and change the direction to control the laser beams for the spaceship. Make sure to destroy as many asteroids as possible because these can help you gain more special powers. Plenty of power-ups will show up after you have succeeded in exploding the asteroids. Keep an eye out for new boosters and upgrades such as shields of bullets, laser beams, spaceship upgrades, and health gains for further exploration.

The number of approaching spaceships shall increase significantly as you progress through higher levels of the game, therefore, keep up with the pace and dominate any space that you come through. Here at, a new gaming selection such as Command Strike FPS with diverse themes and gameplay is added on a daily basis so that kids of all ages regardless of gender can freely have a blast!


Use the mouse to control the spaceship's direction.