Magic Soccer

Magic Soccer will be a good chance to practice your football skills, especially kicking for a penalty goal, without even having to go out to the realistic fields! You will maneuver the main character, and train him not only to move the soccer ball across the field on a match but also to utilize his magic and spells to win over the matches here at magic school. It's not your ordinary game of football as we bring a new element of magic and spells to make the storyline more exciting and elaborate.

You will work on the puzzles here on our ABCya new game while guiding the soccer ball to hit the goal. Once you start the game, go through the tutorial and work on the hard training to prepare yourself. Finish the training before supporting your master in realistic matches with more ball challenges. Solve the puzzles by hitting the balls toward the destination or flagged spots, as well as scoring the highest score with your precision in aiming and estimating. There will be a total of 19 levels, each has a different disposition, field map, requirements, as well as obstacles to crack.

Emerge in this fun magic-filled work football game and challenge yourself with something different than the usual ball-kicking tournament online. Other frequently played games such as Easter Coloring Book or Paused can be the best choices for your next sports gaming time on our website of, so feel free to roam the place and pick your suitable ones! How good are your skills in terms of ball kicking, estimating, and scoring the penalties under pressure? Perform with your best and bring victory to your magician and team now!

Controlling keys: Use the left mouse by dragging and clicking to aim and kick the balls.