Ninja Gravity

Fast-paced as it seems, this new game Ninja Gravity  will be one of your simple yet addictive casual gaming selections for a long time for sure! You will conquer the task of helping the ninja hop up the long wall using the ninja technique. He can defy gravity and climb as high as he wants, as long as you can assist him to dodge the obstacles.

In order to reach the final goal of hitting the castle tower's top without falling, you will need reflexes and good eyes-hands coordination. Gather your strength to climb up the walls and dodge the spiky objects popping up on your route. More challenging objects like the huge blocks, spiky rotating balls, and moving obstacles will show up once you reach a certain checkpoint of the game, therefore, be careful to avoid coming into contact with any of them.

Your gained gold coins can be used to purchase new skins and unlock the hidden harder challenges later in the quest. To avoid multiple obstacles, the simplest way is to jump from side to side at the perfect timing. Keep in mind that you should avoid the obstacles at all costs. A single touch will make your ninja fall. This game's rules are simple yet it's not easy to fully master the whole thing in one go.

You can tap on the screen to jump from one side to another while observing the top of the screen to estimate the upcoming items. Get your hands on more thrilling sensations and plenty of incredibly interesting games like Squid Survival or Tank Zombies 3D, all with no costs here at! Continue your journey to other adventure lands later!

How to play:

Click the left button to make the ninja change the lanes.