Tank Zombies 3D

In order to save the world of ABCya land which is overrun with zombies here at Tank Zombies 3D, do your best to utilize the limited number of tanks and maximize your damage range when it comes to a battle against the herds of zombies. Your only own a few tanks in the battle against this undead, so place them along the path that you expect the zombies to step foot on.

As they will approach your base soon, start arranging your tanks' positions based on the individual's strategy and how you estimate the zombies to attack the base. It's best to finish the set-up of the tanks before the swarms of zombies approach nearby. Another crucial task for completing the mission is to level up the streams of tanks to be powerful enough to fight against your enemies.

Once they are steadily growing in power, do your best to stabilize the structure of your tank setup to keep a strong defensive line against the other side. Moreover, endless waves of attacks are here to dispatch against your base so it's best to try to increase the power of the tanks on the front line before a bigger wave hits.

It's a game filled with strategies and commanding skills which require the players to keep upgrading their fighting styles and tactics in order to stay alive. Enjoy the variety of items and characters showing up on the screen with vibrant animation and vivid graphics for a more thrilling gameplay. Our free world of gaming will be filled with more equally fun games like Slash Ville 3D or Squid Survival, all available for free with diverse sets of new genres and themes at https://abcya4.net/.

How to play:

Use the mouse to move the tanks and place them in the wanted positions.