Splishy Fish

If in Flappy Bird, your goal is to flap wings hard to avoid the pipe, then in Splishy Fish - a new ABCya arcade game, the goal is the same. This time, instead of tackling the on-land adventure, let's enjoy this unique experience under the sea. Your job will remain unchanged, which is to swim as far as possible while making sure that the fish will not come into contact with any pipe or coral reef. It's the water version of the other classic game, but there will be new and fresh graphic design to create an unusual gaming background for kids.

Get used to the movement of the fish before starting any real challenge since it's just as hard to control as the original game. To choose the right timing to swim up and down, you should pay attention to any possible interferences and take all elements into account. Get through the obstacles by swiftly slip through the gap and collect the floating coins. Those can be exchanged at the store of https://abcya4.net/ where the players are free to purchase new skins, additional outfits, and more colored fish! For swimming, moving up and down smoothly will be quite a challenge in comparison to the classic game taking place on land.

Only one score will be the reward for each successful pass through the pipe gap. Get to the game immediately with a simple yet efficient tutorial from the beginning of this game and challenge yourself immediately after finishing it! For those who are advanced players of this genre, feel free to compete for top ranking and results against players from all around the world. Will you be able to succeed in avoiding all the coral reef from your first trial? Train and improve your skill sets with other games like The Wisp and Snow Excavator!

Instructions: Click or tap on the screen to swim up and down.