Blast Away Ball Drop

Shooting games are one of the most popular types of games in ABCya land, but have you tried our new gaming selection with a special puzzle feature added? Come to explore the new generation of puzzle and shooting games called Blast Away Ball Drop, which is available for free right away! The shower of balls is falling very hard for your position and they will stack up all the space if you fail to clear some off the grid. Therefore, what you need to do is to steer clear of the unnecessary balls and shoot at the heavily stacked blocks.

Shoot the ball of the same color as the blocks and it will clear up some space for you to advance with new strategies and movements. Don't forget that you can consume the clear crystals that fall off to gather all the precious points to your record. The higher your record is, the more chances you have to upgrade the weapons that are in your hand. The leading player in this game from must possess an extended set of skills, ranging from observation, reflexes, commanding, and strategy setting.

Moreover, it's a great game with high quality and lovely designs that will be soothing to enjoy after a long day at work. How will your free time become if you can get a hand on all the fun games here like Bubble Tea and Ball Pipes? Check them out now without any hesitation!

Instructions: Click the mouse to shoot, drag it to aim at the block.