Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is a super fun bubble tea simulation game and has many levels waiting for you to challenge. This game is updated at https://abcya4.net/. It allows you to add the specified raw materials according to each level as required and create different tea flavors and different colors that you can completely prepare according to the recipe. It's easy to operate, have a great time, and make the best drink you've ever made.

If the amount of ingredients is too different, you can lose and have to start the game from the beginning. Share this quest with other players and complete all the different challenges. The movable cup makes you decide the ingredients quickly. We have enabled players to participate in many new games in their spare time without being bothered by advertising. ABCya 4 expands the free game world of any online player. Update your favorite game list with this game world. Each player can completely perfect different gaming skills with the most special playing tips. Don't hesitate, explore the vast gaming world right now.

Collect the keys to unlock the treasures and press the green v button to complete your game after you have prepared this delicious pearl drink. Some of the harder parts force you to take part in the challenge and decide on this best journey. Some similar games are also played and discovered by players in their free time like Solitaire Tripeaks and Hook And Rings. Be ready to start this exciting new journey.

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to press ingredients and prepare into a drink as required by the game