Plug Run Race

Plug Run Race is a fun games for boys, you can play this games on ABCya 4th. Each level is a well-designed runway. Manipulate your own plug man to power up as fast as possible. The first plug to reach the end wins. The gameplay is relatively simple, and here there are a lot of fun to play and you feel.

Your goal is to win the race and be the first to plug the character into the last outlet. Click or tap and hold to run and release the mouse or screen at the right moment to wait in front of obstacles, flying hammers or spinning sockets. React at the right moment and plug into the rotating sockets to be carried a bit further and continue running. Then buy your plughead new skins regularly to have even more fun with different attachments and keep facing new plug races!

It's the great graphics and a cute set of characters that attracted tons of kids from all around the world to this version of the game. Explore the endless gaming list with good choices like Destroy The Stickman and Firebug or from the our website!  Complete all level to win this game.


Tap and hold to run.