Destroy The Stickman

Challenge yourself with this new game of interactive gameplay here at ABCya 2022: Destroy The Stickman with the one-of-a-kind theme. The main storyline of this game focuses on the story of a group of falling stickmen that are hanging on a thread. Can you use the given force, weapons, and tools to inflict enough power to hit them off? The final goal of all stages in this game will remain unchanged, which is to make sure that you can destroy the stickman within the given timeline.

Do your best to execute the most damage possible to the ragdoll using just the given set. Thanks to the realistic setting, vibrant graphics, and exciting gameplay, this new game has attracted players of all ages to participate in the series. Learn how the physical law works and how it can affect the doll so that you can create a suitable force. There will be a limb injury system which indicates the special places on the doll that you can cause huge damage.

It's one of the best-designed ragdoll physic games with multiple locations and simple game control. Do you know how you can start the run-up after having set up all the necessary items? Let's share tips and tricks on how you can control the weapons as well as the tools more properly to defeat the record and scores of other players.

Here on the Leaderboard, we record the highest performance among the competitors who have managed to demonstrate their best skills, so let's showcase yours at more games like Farmers vs Aliens! The world of free games with a variety of subgenres and themes will be wide open for new players here at to explore!

Controls: Touch the screen or use the mouse to jump and start the run-up.