Zonic Rush Toilet

Waste away the boring time with this casual game of Zonic Rush Toilet from abcya 4 new game with a smooth transition, vibrant animation, as well as the best gameplay for a simple game time. You will get to assist Zonic and guide him straight to the bathroom to win each level. As Zonic is desperately trying to reach the toilet on time, do your best to estimate the time and conquer the task within the given time frame.

If you fail to help the little hedgehog get to the bathroom on time, there will be a disaster strike soon. Not only will you need to find the shortest and safest path but you will also need to solve the different puzzles showing up on your path. As it's a casual adventure platform game, do your best to accumulate the most scores possible to get the highest ranking on the Leaderboard.

If you are a newbie, it's best to focus on reaching the destination before you can try to unlock the boxes and solve any puzzle. Keep in mind that your character can jump, move, and break the boxes to uncover the hidden items inside. Learn how to utilize each movement wisely and find the optimized time for each level.

Let's try to explore all different level layouts and find your unique way of conquering them all in one go! We have a long list of free games with different game modes and can be easily shared with other friends such as The Great Zombie Warzone or Super Race 3D, which you can take the time to play too! Enjoy playing this games at https://abcya4.net/

How to play:
Move the character and jump using the arrow keys, and use the right mouse button to break the objects.

Play using the touchpad on tablets and mobiles.