Noob vs Pro Zombi Apocalypse

Hello, buddies! The Zombie Apocalypse has here in Noob vs. Pro vs. Zombies! As you progress through the levels, an amazing tale will be revealed. In this difficult zombie mod, aid the nubik and the pro in surviving! You're in for a lot of adventures: When zombies unexpectedly assaulted the world of blocks, Noob was peacefully living in his tiny hut in the forest. Zombies in their thousands strive to obliterate everything in their path. Kill zombies, destroy everything in your way, and aid the novice and expert to put a stop to them.

It's a new and strange game of shooting with dynamic movements and moving targets for the players to test their skill sets. Your playtime can never go wrong with these good games such as Craft Boy Runner or Noob Vs 1000 Zombies!, all available anytime you wish to have fun at abcya 4 grade! Don't miss or else your lady will be in serious trouble!


On PC: Shooting - Spacebar Auto movement - control arrows Character movement - movement arrows There is also mouse control.

On touch devices : Control is carried out by interface buttons on the screen