Fruit Hunting

Not all players can show the appropriate pace of reflexes that are required to win this ABCya online game: Fruit Hunting. It's the new experience with a new type of interactive game where you need to control the wheel, not the fruits. The gameplay consists of a rolling wheel with many sections, each with a fruit icon. There will be fruits of different types falling from the sky randomly, and your job is to roll the wheel so that the moment that fruit touches it, it falls right into the right block.

The correct block is the one with the same image as the falling fruit piece. It might sound pretty easy since there are only four blocks, however, due to the fast falling speed, you need a very good reflex and observation skill to conquer the challenge. Don't lose too soon or else your record will not be high enough to rank on the Leaderboard. The pace of this game from will only get faster and faster to create more nuisance and challenges, so prepare yourself for constant improvement!

It's a lovely game that will play as the perfect escape place for you after a long day at work thanks to the de-stressing features. More kid games that can be played by both boys and girls are available without any cost such as Solitaire Tripeaks and Hook And Rings, so don't miss out on the free chances!

Controls: Roll the wheel to the left and the right using the mouse cursor.