Little Princess Lolita Style Makeover

Fashion comes and goes, as well as trends, but only the best of the fashion world can remake and change the old-school styles. Currently in the fashion world of ABCya 4 land, one of the old trends is coming back, which is the lolita trend. This used to be a popular gorgeous style that was loved by so many girls. Now, we need a talented designer and stylist to help Elsa, Anna, and Belle to dress up in this style. But you need to put in more effort to make it special and different, as well as suitable with the 2020 color palette and styles.

A lovely Lolita skirt will be the main option for most girls, but don't refrain yourself from being creative and come up with some new ideas of matching patterns or new ways of using black as the main color. Accessories and high platform shoes are the must-have to emphasize and embrace the spirit of this style, so don't miss them out from our store. You are free to choose any item that you think will be best for Elsa, Anna, and Belle from our large closet, and purchase more from the store is necessary. All of them are free, so it will feel like a princess shopping without having to worry about anything!

Enjoy the vibrant graphics and pretty designs of clothing along with the girls to have a blast at! We encourage the girls to freely express their personal styles through additional touches adding to the Lolita style. Bring your unique styling skills and learn a bunch of new techniques with more fashion games like Save The Girl 2 and Tractor Mania!

Controlling keys: use the left mouse to pick and match the outfits.