Tractor Mania

Tractor Mania will bring out the toughest drivers due to the challenging path of transporting the goods. Your job as the driver is to control the tractor in this free game of ABCya car games while trying to complete the set goal. To successfully deliver the goods from the warehouse to the designated factory, you will need to make sure that the speed is just enough to avoid dropping boxes. Also, don't drive on the bumpy roads since it will also create the chances of losing some items on your tractor.

Controlling the speed is one thing, but driving and navigating the tractor will be another tough task. The number of perfectly transferred items will be the top criteria for ranking and scoring in this game, which means that the players get more and more coins for more successfully transferred items. Use those coins for new tractors and trailers purchasing as well as updates from the store.

You can find 4 tractors and 4 trailers available for updates from the garage later. For 180 different levels, you can look forward to all individual and different settings of sceneries and road paths. This game also provides the speedometer for your tracking of speed and it's set depending on the language that you picked. Keep in mind that you can only launch your tractor once the trailer is filled to the brim with crops and goods.

Don't be hasty and waste space on the truck. Your performance and capacity can be improved significantly by purchasing updates from the garage. In case your tractor runs out of fuel in the middle of the road trip here at, you can't complete that segment. It'll be a waste if you don't visit more car games like Clara Wedding Planner and Pancake Master with a similar fun theme!

Instructions: Drive with WASD or arrow keys, use the nitro boost with the X key.