Merge Master Dinosaur Fushion

Merge Master Dinosaur Fushion from ABCya 4 grade land will be solid proof that the power of nature is the strongest that you can ever utilize! Combat against different species of dinosaurs with your dinosaur army. Connect and merge similar types of dinosaurs to generate a brand new species with better fighting capacity, stronger sense, and better movement. In this 3D puzzle arcade game, it's the battle of natural evolution and you have a chance to be a part of deciding it!

Choose which dinosaur on the board to merge and put them on the right spot on the battlefield to fight against the other players. Don't forget that the most important work is to decorate the formation for dinosaurs. By winning more and more battles, you can conquer higher scores, which is for purchasing more types of dinosaurs when you reach higher levels. Keep in mind that both players on the field, you and your AI opponent, have the same range of dinosaurs on the board.

However, each player can only select a limited number to put on the battlefield for a fixed formation. Can you win the battles using the least costs and the least number of dinosaurs? Not only is this gaming option from all about the art of controlling the evolvement of multiple dinosaur species but it's also a good choice for increasing the combat tips.

First, choose the dinosaurs that you wish to start with. Upgrade the dinos by merging them together to generate a new species. Keep doing that and use the merged types to place on the battlefield to bring home victory. Focus on the fighting styles of your enemies and pick well! Move onto other free games such as Idle Pinball Breakout to explore the latest genres and sub-genres now!

Controls: Use the mouse to control the dinosaurs.