Balance Tower

Balance Tower is as simple as the name itself, but mastering this art shall take some time with training and great talent. Are you ready to showcase your skills and learn how to stack the most blocks in this game? If you are in for a fun game with colorful animation from ABCya action game , hit the button to start! The goal of all levels will be to successfully stack the most blocks to build a skyscraper or the highest tower among the bunch! There's no stopping as this is an endless game, but you will need to stop when your tower gets tumbled over or loses its balance.

If you are good enough to get the highest scores, you can write your name on the Leaderboard with the top ranking! Keep your eyes open for the stage requirements as well as differences in setup between the stages. There are stages with quotas which are the number of blocks you need to conquer. There will also be stages where you can keep going until you fall over! This entirely depends on the game mode that you select at the beginning of the game. Feel free to go over the limit with your total force, or tackle the challenges one level at a time. Choosing the right time to drop your block will be the most important task in this game.

One single second late or early shall make your tower unbalanced with a crooked tower block. Overall, the simple animation, fun gameplay, and exciting long list of challenges in this game at will make your gaming experience much better over the time. Keep advancing and clear the long list of new gaming options such as Nextbot: Can You Escape? and Super Samurai from our daily-replenished games right now!

Game controls: Use the left mouse button or tap on the screen to make the block drop.