Super Samurai

Make sure that your samurai can shine in this game of Super Samurai by displaying all the best techniques in fighting and hitting the enemies within the map. Your goal will be to take over the main role of a Super Samurai from the ABCya action game and conquer the final battle against the enemies. The list of enemies varies and changes depending on the level that you are on, however, the common between these stages is that you have to complete on time. Before moving on to the next level, all of your enemies need to be defeated.

The next stages will always be more challenging, however, it'll be a chance to try out new skills and strengthen your character with more gained diamonds! Move flexibly through the cluster of obstacles that change on your route, and stay in the safe spot only. Keep in mind that your final scores at the end of levels are calculated based on the number of diamonds gained as well as the time spent, so these two elements shall be the key to securing your spot. Check out the game's Leaderboard from time to time to see if your score has broken the latest record.

Other players have tried and fallen in love with this dynamic gameplay from our website thanks to the cool animation and lovely character design, not to mention the elaborated design for the gameplay as well as the rules. Do you know that will constantly upgrade the list of online games for your entertainment moments? Visit some good options like Survivor In Rainbow Monster or Stick Hero - Mighty Tower Wars to spice up the playtime a bit and explore the new genres of free games.

How to play:

Maneuver the samurai with your keyboard.

Interact and choose options with the mouse or touchpad.