Survivor In Rainbow Monster

The Red monster will be both your guide and your enemy in this new ABCya survivor game of Survivor In Rainbow Monster - an addition to the io game collection that you can enjoy on mobiles! The gameplay of this recently added game will revolve around escaping this amusement park. You - among other players - have been kidnapped to an amusement park called Spooky Park where plenty of alien activity and monsters are waiting. Overcome all five nights and find your way out to win this game! From the moment you have been captured, the game will start with the first night on this alien location.

Among plenty of other online players, which one will be able to make it to the final night and get out of the Rainbow Monster's reach? Keep in mind that the layout and mission of these five nights vary, with each being different and containing a special challenge. You will go from the easy task to the harder ones, ranging from Find the Blocks, Fix The Machine, Feed The Monsters, and Light The Room. In the first one, you need to quickly locate all the items as requested before anyone else does. Fix The Machine is all about getting the machine to work normally again, while Feed

The Monsters requires you to gather enough food pieces to feed the Rainbow monster. It's different with various settings and vibrant color palettes on each segment, so don't stop trying and go through to the end of the game with your shortest time frame! Other frequently played games like Robot Ring Fighting and Human Wheel will also be excellent choices for your game time with mobiles and tablets. More and more gaming options are added daily to our collection at, with specifications on themes and genres.

Controls: Move with the on-screen key or touchpad.