Human Wheel

A human formation wheel can be made by gathering the scattered players in this game of Human Wheel from ABCya wheely land! Become the main star in charge of gathering your team and win with the biggest wheel now! You will start the game by running alone. When you see more people on the platform, reach them and gather people on your way in order to form the more massive wheel. This game is 3D graphic based and comes with easy-to-control motions so that even little kids can enjoy the fun.

You will need to take into account the gap that you are facing and calculate how many players are mandatory to get by. This is a good game for learning how to lead your team through these motions of moving, rolling, rotating, and bypassing obstacles. When the wheel reaches a gap, it will drop the number of players that are required to reach the other side of the edge. This means that you have to constantly boost your number and gather more players for the upcoming gaps.

Don't forget to calculate your moves while being on the run and retain as many members of the wheel as possible. Getting through the few first stages will be easy, however, the gameplay increases its difficulty levels later, so be prepared for any new development. The remaining number of players that you own at the end of the game will be the base to calculate your rewards and bonuses, so try your best! Secure another spot to participate in other interesting games like Penguin Ice Breaker or Robot Ring Fighting alongside your virtual friends and embrace the fun! The game list at never ends, so keep picking the next game to get a bit of fun and entertainment online!

Game controls: drag the mouse to move the wheel.