Penguin Ice Breaker

Break the ice with the penguin in this ABCYa action game: Penguin Ice Breaker to demonstrate your talent when it comes to cracking a side-scrolling puzzle game! If you have challenged yourself with some side-scrolling games in the past, you will find that the mechanism requires some preparation for upcoming obstacles and random problems. It's the game's objective to clear all stages alongside the penguin and break the icebergs accordingly. Bring your jumping and estimating technique to make sure that the penguin lands precisely on the next icebergs or tiles as requested.

All iceberg cluster comes with a counting number. You need to work your way on the iceblocks in the order of the number and make sure to require the stars too! The more collective stars you gain, the higher your scores will be in this game from! Any iceberg that your penguin landed on and moved from shall be broken, which means that you can't go back on the previous blocks. Deliver your best performance on these steep and slippery ice blocks! This mechanism of the game requires players to make a careful move and decide carefully before moving forward.

It's an easy game to understand for both newbies and advanced players, yet the gameplay is quite hard to master, therefore, keep upgrading the playing technique and come up with new ways to deliver the penguin to the final destination on time! Keep track of your lives and scores using the top-screen statistics and don't forget that you can advance further in this multi-level game! For a more diverse range of game genres, bring your talent to achieve the highest records with more games like Tomb Of The Mark 2 or Quadcopter Fx Simulator !

How to control the penguin:

Move to the left and right using the left and right arrows, and jump using the up arrow.