Tomb Of The Mark 2

For arcade games here at, we make sure to constantly update more games with new twists and exciting challenges, with Tomb of the Mark 2 being such a game. Join this cool arcade game with a huge maze scattered around the tomb where you can have fun with an infinite vertical maze. As the maze is procedurally generated, it will be an endless journey to solve the mystery. To survive the game, keep running and interacting with the items that show up. Your objective in this game is to have fun while exploring this mysterious tomb.

Try to unlock as many doors as possible with your ability to scale walls. Not only is this the way to unlock endless challenges but it's a skill that you can use to fight the enemies and monsters all over this adventure. Start moving onto the maze when the game starts. Steer clear of deadly traps, jump over holes, avoid gaps, and defeat dangerous enemies to survive. It has exciting gameplay mechanics with a diverse list of power-ups to support players getting to the end game faster. In this ABCya 2023 game, time is also of the essence, so don't waste any time roaming around. As every second counts, you need to actively move to search for booster items or run away to avoid the obstacles.

Getting closer to the treasure and make sure to enjoy every moment of this adventure during your free time! Climbing, jumping, dodging, and sliding are all crucial movements to stay alive in this maze, so use them flexibly and timely. Emerge in this cool animation with vibrant colored graphics to make the gaming experience more realistic and fun! Other games like Feller 3D or Find Alien 3D might be your cup of tea too, check them out!

Instructions: Move with the arrows or touch control.