City Of Billiards

Explore your inner talent with this difficult billiard table at City of Billiard - the latest game added to ABCya online games for the fans of this game genre. Let's learn how to hit at the balls and start performing billiards shows in different matches to show up as a pool master. You will be competing against the CPU or online players from all around the world to get all the balls into the holes.

The arrangement of the billiard balls in this game will be different from what you usually see in real life. There are more twists, difficult tasks, mini-games, and other challenges as the levels pass. All in all, you need to hit at the given balls and adjust the direction, speed, force, and angle of the cue so as to make the best hits.

The more detailed you can control the cue, the more accurate your shots will be. In order to deliver the most precise shots, the players will need to learn how to not only adjust the hit point but also the way to estimate the movement of the balls. There are more than 20 levels, each with a different setting ready for you to conquer.

If there is a limited number of hits, you will have to play without exceeding that number of shots. Keep in mind that a precise shot will be much better than a quick shot, so do your best to stay alert and aim carefully to make the most of your limit. Let's go to have fun with more classic games such as Chess Fill with the best graphics and gameplay available at!

How to play:

Use the mouse cursor and drag to control the cue.

Interact and choose levels using the left button.