Feller 3D

Get into this new wood-chopping game of Feller 3D where the players get to become a real logger with so much wood to cut down! This ABCya 4 kid game is a new update from the list of the game with the main theme as 3D interaction and enhanced motions. The most important objective of this game will be to separate the given wood into small pieces to collect. Some tasks you need to do to successfully chop them down will be the work of felling, sawing, bark stripping, chopping, and separating timber into boards. From these small pieces and chop boards, you can continue to the next assembling task of building beautiful houses, infrastructure, and interiors.

Pick the design that you want and add more decor as well as wood items surroundings the house using your gained pieces. Showcase your taste and great preference for wood decoration items here at https://abcya4.net/action! We have all the necessary tools for removing these huge trees, chopping them off, and becoming the master of logging! Once you hop into the game, check out the right trees to cut in the forest. Finish the first one to grasp the basic movement and how to maneuver the sew before moving forward!

Coordinate different items and tools to expand your choice of methods for the highest efficient time in our chopping game. Remember to use the hard-earned wood as currency for purchasing more items from the in-game store to boost your capacity and speed in chopping wood. The players who can unlock the most useful items and progress further will be able to quickly discover new axe or disintegrators! Enjoy this skill-based gaming option alongside other similar-themed games with amazing rules such as Pacrat or Hover Skirt too.

Controlling keys: Click and use the mouse to interact and chop the wood.