Hover Skirt

This ballerina in our new game of Hover Skirt online game is hovering over the abyss and using her floating skirt to conquer this long journey that is filled not only with colorful stripes but also with cool items. It's your chance to gather more and more stylish fashion items and win the game with your voodoo magic. Enjoy this new game from ABCya action land to show off your ballerina's dance pas and jumps along the way. The gameplay of this ballerina-infused game is quite simple, however, mastering the smooth transition is the tough part.

Once you start walking on the ground, your model will automatically pick up not only skirts and dresses but also other fashionable clothes on the ground. From the new collection, this game will spice up your 3D gaming experience for sure. Among the two character line of angel or demon, which one will suit your taste? Each one has a different set of items and obstacles to fit the dark or light theme, therefore, experience each for a more diverse online gaming time. It's an eternal fashion battle where you try to pick up the most amazing items among these stylish scattered pieces.

Once you start floating, you need to control the character and move toward the left or right depending on the section. Upon spotting gems or keys or new items, grab them to add up your scores. This interaction game can easily be controlled on PC or mobile, so feel free to utilize your control key set regardless of the device to have fun! More similar-themed games from the interaction gaming list such as Gun War Z2 or Pacrat will easily be your next conquer target! Here at https://abcya4.net/, daily updated games will be filled up frequently to keep you entertained!


Click and move the character using the mouse cursor.