Gun War Z2

Prepare to run, shoot, and interact under immense pressure to survive this thrilling zombie action game of Gun War Z2. The most important mission for the players participating in this game at is to save the most people. However, staying alive is equally crucial as you can't save anyone else if you fail to save yourself! Learn how to pick up the weapons and bypass this undead along the exciting levels with only a simple control key set.

Can you roam the place and conquer this first-person shooting virtual game to wipe out all zombies in the shortest time possible? Not only will this be your chance to save people from zombies but you can also open up the path for you to move forward safely. If you are great at multi-level gaming selection, these 30 levels divided into three distinct leagues will keep you entertained for hours. A wide range of weapons from machine guns, to explosives, and guns will be available, so try to utilize them as flexibly as possible to keep your record high. By logging in daily, you can catch up with the daily tasks as the game gives them out and clear more scores!

Are you ready to put up your individual set of scopes, weapons, cannons, rockets, and helicopters? A great adventure is waiting for the daredevils to explore and fire the shots! Keep in mind that the most important task is to pick up the rescued passengers, bring them to the airfield and make sure to fly them to the safe house. The key to winning this game lies in the perfect shooting aim and timing. Search for your favorite game genre here among the list at ABCya games 4 kids such as Blind Bat or Girl Surfer 3D and don't forget to share with some friends!

Controlling keys:

Use the A key to shoot the rocket and use the mouse to interact.