Blind Bat

The most important key point to surviving this game of adventures with the Blind Bat is your shooting skill! Blind Bat is a new ABCya shooting game 4 kids that involves guiding the blind bat. This bat is one of the most exquisite types to bypass the fields. As he's blind, he needs someone good at both navigating and shooting to keep him safe from the birds that are attacking his path. First, you need to get used to the layout of the countryside fields before starting to move around. The birds are approaching and they will be hitting him when they come closer.

The number of birds attacking varies depending on the levels, however, the overall requirement is to either dodge or defeat them all. The faster you manage to utilize the shooting skills with your given ammo, the faster you will be able to defeat the birds. The best method to win is to shoot them down before they have the chance to hit him with any of their flappy wings! Plenty of new obstacles shall show up when you manage to progress further in the game progress, which means that you need to constantly upgrade the skillsets and search for the safest path.

Keep the balance of the bat and navigate wisely. Take the wind, weather, and other factors into account when deciding to change the direction or attack point! In comparison with other games like Stickmen Crowd Fight and World Of Fighters: Iron Fists from the same genre collection at, this gaming option shines as one of the simple yet addictive gameplay. However, if you want to expand your experience, follow up with the mentioned games for fun later! They are all for free so that kids of all ages can emerge in the cartoon world of the game!

Controls: Flap and fly using the mouse cursor.