Cute Chibiusa Maker

Cute Chibiusa Maker is the perfect gaming option for the fans of anime as you get the chance to create a signature character of your own from scratch! This new game with an assembling theme brings one of the best art illustration styles to our ABCya girl game collection so that you can refresh your styling experience a bit. Enjoy the task list of a real anime artist which consists of creating a unique chibi model using the given features and images.

Starting from selecting the basic features for the overall images of the doll such as the facial features, eye color, and hair, and work your way to the additional setup such as the makeup and clothes. Coordinate all elements well and make sure to create a harmonized feeling for the doll. There will be tons of available options for you here with costumes, dresses, shirts, blouses, hats, and other special items to add a touch of edge feeling to the doll.

Feel free to add the wings, horns, ears, tails, or stockings to make yours stand out among the bunch. There is no limitation on how many styles you can try out in this game, ranging from an ordinary lady to an angel and a fairy. You can dress up each doll and take a picture to record the results in your collection. There's no restriction on how you can match or choose the fashion items, so do your best to bring the most trendy pieces and patterns to the collection.

Do you know that our girl game list is updated daily with the most famous and addictive gameplay such as My Perfect Halloween Costume or Royal Couple Halloween Party from Hop onto more adventures with princesses, dolls, idols, queens, and plenty of magical creatures! Demonstrate your fashion sense here with this game!


Use the mouse to select and interact.