Pac-Rat is your new adventure alongside a starving cute little mouse around the gaming session here at ABCya 4 action games! To help this cute mouse from getting starved, let's start exploring the maze and try to find as many cheese pieces as possible without being captured by the cats! There are lots of cats taking turns and moving in the same place as your character, which means that you need to move carefully to avoid touching them. One contact or collision will make you fail the game immediately!

The objective of each turn is to find and consume as many slices of cheese as possible while moving around the pixelated board. Pacrat has similar gameplay and graphics as the classic Pacman game to bring back a bit of memory to the players. Tons of nasty cats are hovering around the corner and they will be chasing your mouse around as well. Steer clear of their range or run when you see them because they will keep pursuing your mouse until the final cheese piece is collected! Are you ready to rock this intense and thrilling game of running and cheese-gathering here at

Let us guide you through the first stage with a detailed tutorial, and you can go ahead to explore the next ones on your own! Feel free to dive into more gaming options with various goals, mini-missions, different graphics as well as the best gameplay such as Girl Surfer 3D or Gun War Z2! Don't lose sight of the overview map because this will be extremely helpful for you to get to the cheese without coming into contact with the cat roaming around. Newbies might find running around while dodging the cats a bit challenging, however, you will be able to conquer it with finesse in no time!


Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the mouse.