Stickmen Crowd Fight

Stickmen Crowd Fight brings one of the latest action gaming selections where you can always conquer this list of challenges with the best storyline, good gameplay, and an elaborate action scheme. The objective of this ABCya new game will be to find out the strongest commander. As the game requires the players to showcase their skills by leading a group of distinct warriors, why don't you find a way to survive the roadmap?

Some prominent obstacles such as spiky wheels, black holes, knives, flying swords, and such will be the ones that you need to encounter. Only the crowd filled with the bravest warriors will be able to make it to the destination quickly. The map is vast, so you can start roaming and gathering items. By dodging and changing direction, you can save the crowd from being attacked by obstacles. However, maintaining the original number of followers will be quite a challenge.

The more warriors you have, the more chances there are of getting hit during the attacks. This means that the game also involves the art of picking and estimating the suitable number of participants to keep on your team. Utilize the boosters with imprinted symbols that can help to increase the power, multiply the number of warriors or add more health.

Look out for the randomly popped-up items which will prevent you from advancing on the journey. We encourage you to improve your full skillset and keep updating more powers by purchasing new weapons, potions, and abilities from the in-game store. Why don't you take this chance to explore some other equally good games of Roller Ball X: Bounce Ball or Super Metal Wars on our fighting collection at as well?

Controlling keys:

Move the crowd, and change the direction of the warriors using the mouse cursor or the arrow keys.