Flappy Ball

Flappy Ball brings new twists, more traps, and plenty of pumpkins scattered on the path of this bouncy ball. Your job remains unchanged, which is to guide the little ball to reach the furthest checkpoint possible in one piece. There is nothing too difficult about the rule of this ABCya kid game, however, the challenges lie in the gameplay and the mechanism of it.

To overcome the pumpkin, you need to estimate the distance and keep the ball bouncing until when it moves past the obstacles safely. Since this is a simple arcade game with 2D graphics, there will not be any lagging or interruption as well as no bug needed to be fixed. Both boys and girls from all around the world can dive into the endless journey and have their fun moments for free. Another tip for you is to look out for the scissors, spikes, and more dangerous traps other than the pumpkins. They might even move or rotate to make it more difficult to move onto the next section. There is no limit on time range, however, the length that you can complete will determine your record in this type of arcade game. The higher your scores are, the more chances you have to set your name on the chart. Keep bouncing up and down and enjoy the beautiful forest setting as well as the change in sceneries as you progress further and further on the route. What kind of obstacles, monsters, and hurdles is waiting for you ahead?

Figure out a creative way to avoid the deadly spikes while not missing out on the stars or the bonuses. Use them wisely as they will be helpful for retaining your lives. There are more chances to enjoy the free games as our creators constantly fill up the list at https://abcya4.net/ with interesting games like Homer City 3D and Sprinter!

Controls: Click or tap on the screen to make the ball bounce.