Homer City 3D

This game from ABCya 4 land called Homer City 3D is all about breaking each and every intact window on the opposite building. You will go head to head with the CPU to compete with the accuracy of the two players. There will be two pitchers, each serve for one player. As the pitchers serve their balls, you have to use the white aiming frame to hit and make sure that the ball will hit and break one or two windows.

The more perfect hits you gained, the higher your rewards will be thanks to the added-up combos. If you miss a hit, it's okay. It's the competition between you and your opponent to find out who has the best accuracy when it comes to managing a high-speed ball that is dashing at you at the speed of 50 or 60 kilometers. The 3D realistic graphics will turn this game into an addict for the fans of interactive and simulation games but with relaxing features.

Once all the windows are broken, it's time for the mechanism to calculate the total scores and compare between the two players'. Keep in mind that for each broken window, you get 25 scores. Such a fun and satisfying game from https://abcya4.net/ will train you to aim properly and pick the best timing to hit the targets. Upgrade and enhance more set of skills with other elaborated games like Sprinter and Euro 2016: Goal Rush!

Controlling keys:

Click to hit the balls and interact with the features.