Rails And Stations

Feel free to touch, hit, grab, and interact with anything that is available in this ABCya 4th new free game Rails and Stations! As it's an io game with an extended developed function, the players can explore the virtual world and do whatever they want. The goal is to roam, mine resources and products, gather required items, and build railroads from scratch.

Some main materials like the mine and the electricity, as well as the watermelons, will be the things that you can sell to the stations for some money. Your tasks also include chopping down some trees to get blank space for the new rails. The woods collected from the chopped trees and the iron will be helpful if you want to trade them for rail pieces.

With the earned money, you can hire more workers and helpers to speed up the work of gathering resources or make the tasks of finalizing the rails faster. There will be some valuable items at the store like the dynamite that can help to clear the way much more efficiently. Let's see how long you will take fo to expand your island and explore it for more resources.

As you progress, the map shall extend with more difficult resources to mine. Keep in mind that all the resources will be extracted automatically when you reach their locations. Just move quickly and make sure not to leave any item behind! Get your exploration spirit go on with more games like Dr Green Alien 2 or Hugie Wugie Runner, all available at the tips of your fingers at https://abcya4.net/!

How to play:

Control the main character using the arrow keys and interact with the mouse.

Click the right button to run behind the cursor.

Hit Enter key to enter each mode.