Sock Flow

Problem-solving skills and logical thinking are the two most important skills to overcome the puzzles that are available in Sock Flow, the ABCya new game for both boys and girls who enjoy the addictive satisfaction of puzzle games. Even the adults can enjoy this relaxing game as it gets harder when you make some progress with 50 challenging levels. From the name of the game, you might have already guess the theme of it.

Your job is no other than trying to stretch your sock by connecting from the first colored dot to the last one. There will be two dots showing on the screen at the same time, therefore, you need to come up with the optimum way to make sure that no blank space is left behind. Don't choose the easy path, instead, go for the more assured one. Our tips for beginners in this genre of game is to take all corners into consideration when choosing your next moves.

However, from time to time, your instinct might be the best thing to guide you through the levels and come up with the best solution without having to think too much. If you miss out on even one dot, the level will not be completed. Show us your confidence while dealing with the hard but fun puzzle games like Paradise Cube and Farmers Market Match 3, all of which are available at without a dime!

Controlling keys: Click and drag the left mouse button to stretch the sock flow.