Paradise Cube

ABCya games introduce Paradise Cube in a whole new space. These cubes are constantly appearing and stacked. The task of the player is to collect the cubes of the same color and the number that appears the most to make them disappear in this game. Share your play with other players to make the best choice at each level. The different missions depend on the number of cubes required.

If the stacked cube is too high for you to notice, you can lose at any time. Therefore, keep clicking on the cubes of the same color so they disappear as quickly as possible. The number of the cube you need to redeem will increase gradually through more difficult levels. Are you ready for the toughest challenges this game offers to online players around the world? Share your play now. We are constantly updating new games on each topic for players to explore and choose at A new world you've never participated in will appear in this online game. We guide players to participate with the most interesting gaming tips you can perfect.

Share with other players or your friends if they are looking for a new way to play. Our list of online games is constantly updated for online players. Each way of playing will help you complete this game without being bothered by any factors. Share your awesome gaming space for our new games. Similar games that you can hardly miss such as Hot Air Solitaire and New Kids Coloring Book. Discover them all if you have a lot of free time.

Controls game: Use the left mouse button to click the cubes of the same color with the most number of cubes