Hot Air Solitaire

Drink a cup of tea and in a wonderful hot air balloon experience the sky. What an interesting thing? Hot Air Solitaire at is a free online game that you can fully participate in your computer and mobile phone. Do you know what is the first thing that gives me victory? That is you need to understand the rules of the game.

Don't worry I'll show you the best way to play Please feel the wonderful feeling only on balloon control them well and win the cards. Arrange the cards in order from baby to big to give you a high score. If you lose you will no longer be able to fly on balloons. You will fall. Enjoy the fun of this beautiful London. Become a famous adventurer fly higher by your intelligence. How much longer can you live? It all depends on your intellect. If you feel too stressed, participating in this game can help you relax.

Feel free to play with the challenges that the game brings. Enjoy a warm cup of tea and countless things that are only in the game Hot Air Solitaire at abcya 4. Don't forget to share this interesting game with your friends. Let's invite your friends to join us right now to the game so we can enjoy the feeling of being on the balloon for the first time. What do you think if you allow yourself to participate in an interesting role similar to other games New Kids Coloring Book and TrollFace Quest: USA 2

How to play: Use the mouse to conquer the cards of the game.