Test your shooting skills and attain new experience dealing with this rain of rocks in our new ABCya space game: Ballblaster! How would you deal with this unique rock shooting game in which the rain-filled of the toughest and biggest asteroids is pouring down on your spaceship and cannon? The moment any rock appears on the screen and starts floating or moving toward your location, start shooting and remove it.

As it's one of the most challenging arcade games, prepare yourself to handle the cannons smoothly in this stellar cannon blasting game with the goal to clear all available levels. Once the addictive ball shooting levels start, stay focused and invest your energies to keep your eyes on the movement of the asteroids and the direction of your bullets. Hit the asteroids as many times as needed to break them into smaller pieces and continue to clear them all off the board.

Such a simple and fun game will bring addictive gameplay with the easiest control for your game time. Moreover, you can look forward to an arcade-styled graphic design with simple UI and UX that will bring a quick yet thrilling game to the kids here at!

Dodging the asteroids by moving is not possible, therefore, focus on shooting and controlling the direction of your cannons only. The more asteroids you can break, the higher your record will be. If you are interested in more games with similar storylines and sub-genres, why don't you take some time off to check out a few good recommendations such as RPS Exclusive and Drink Master? They are all the latest updates of games with a variety of genres and themes for kids of all ages to spend time on!

Controlling keys:

Click and move the mouse to shoot at the rocks.