Nifty Hoopers

Have you gotten what it takes to deliver the most satisfying shots into the opponent's net in this ABCya free game: Nifty Hoopers? This game is all about close-ranged shots into the basketball basket. It doesn't emphasize the team-playing spirit or the movement on the basketball match. This one is all about aiming and choosing the right moment to make the final shot. Your job is to make sure that you score enough to meet the goal shown on the left bar. There will be a moving arrow on the bar that shows the aiming points.

To score precisely, you need to choose the moment when the arrow runs through the green or blue area and click. The work of making sure the pointer is in the green zone is not an easy feat as it moves very fast. If there is an opponent standing before you, it's crucial to distract him first before making the shot. The tutorial of the game will guide you through how to be able to distract the opponent successfully. Let's start tearing nets with your precise shots and make sure your team can win this Tournament.

First, the players can choose their desired country out of the 16 available nations. After that, your team will be placed on the board of Tournament which includes teams from all countries around the world. If you fail to gather enough scores before the time runs out, you can't win that round. Also, keep in mind that the number on your T-shirt is the level of your team. Use your time wisely and take advantage of the tactics to win this game of basketball at! Feel free to upgrade and enhance your sports skill sets a bit with other cool games like GP Ski Slalom and Tennis Masters

Instructions: Click to stop the arrow and throw the basketball.