GP Ski Slalom

If you are in the search for a new and updated sports game with HTML gameplay, GP Ski Slalom Go from ABCya kid games will be a suitable option as this game has both elements that you need: fun gameplay and easy-to-understand rules. The main mission for all players who are participating in this competitive race between skiers is to slide down the glaciers of ice and snow. Do your best to dodge the obstacles, bypass the gates, and overcome the other opponent to secure your top position at the final destination.

By continuing to work on your technique and challenge yourself with more unique tracks to come, you will have the opportunity to cut down on the wasted time on each turn more and more. For each track, three players will be qualified to join at the same time with the same goal. However, there will only be one winner in this race between all players regardless of them being male, female, or even Santa! Enjoy the 3D graphics that will change and switch up as you tackle 12 different stages. Another challenging feature that you need to pay attention to is the changing layout and shape of each track. The creators of this game from will keep updating boosters, bonuses, and rewarded for the skiers who can show off and demonstrate the best performance despite the thick snow, so take some time off and enjoy this game immediately!

While pacing from the left to the right and dodging the trees, steer clear of other deadly holes, gaps, deep ends, and rear edges of the mountain as well. It's a free game that you can wholeheartedly enjoy this holiday season without having to leave the house, same as with other games like Tennis Masters and Head To Head Soccer

Instructions: Slide the mouse, tap on the screen or use the arrows to move.