2 Chaos Giant

Hit this sequel of 2 Chaos Giant with the main theme of the universal battle between the best superhero characters and the top-tier UI design! Kids of all ages regardless of their genders can enjoy this new gameplay as it's available for free here on our website of! You will get the chance to explore a new map that is not only four times the previous map size but also contains tons of new challenges and obstacles.

Get your hands on this thrilling hero game and test out how you will perform when being thrown into a messy battle in the old era. The goal is to defeat all moving opponents on the map by either occupying the enemy's weapon or hitting them with yours. It will look quite messy at first as all the players are swinging their weapons while moving around.

Your hero has his or her unique skills, so utilize them wisely to gain more and more exp points to level up and become invincible. Another tip for newbies is to log in daily to gain a daily bonus and increase the progress slowly day by day. Moreover, you can freely enjoy the game in a setting of 16 languages, chosen by you at the beginning of the match.

Will you be able to unlock and discover the unique skills of these 30 famous superheroes? The in-game bonuses and boosters can start with watching a video or collecting tasks or a lucky spin, so don't miss them out. Keep in mind that you can gather the dead enemies' weapons, and collide with others. Explore more game in ABCya new game like Bumper Ball io!


Click the left button to attack, and move the mouse cursor to move.