Real Sports Flying Car 3d

In my mind at Abcya 4, starting to think about flying cars has always been exciting and fun. That concept has now evolved into a flying car game, and your car game is now one of the flying games as well. With the push of a button, you can now become a car driver as well as a flying pilot. Explore more hidden features of your flying car simulator game, as it may perform flips and large jumps from the air when the flying feature is turned off. Simply drive or fly in your own car, which is now no less than an airplane. Much fun!


- Incredible driving controls for drifting and performing various stunts

- Exciting car flying feature

- Realistic car that flies like a real plane

- Discover many hidden features

- Drive and fly at the same time

- Simple and responsive controls

- The game has been fully optimized, and there is no lag.

- A futuristic automobile concept

- Stunning HD graphics

- A real-life racing car that has been modified for flight

- A massive immersive city open world environment

- Dynamic camera angles

- Intuitive airplane flight physics

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W - Accelerate

S - Backward

A -Steer Left

D -Steer Right

C -Cursor Lock/Unlock

R -Reset Car

L -Shift – Nitro

F -Flying/Landing

I -Instructions

P/Esc -Pause