Grand Hero Gangster Simulator

Grand Hero Gangster Simulator is the latest gaming option that you can try to figure out how to survive the intensity of various missions for a gang's war that took place in the city. The goal of all gangs in this ABCya action-based game is to take over every corner of the city. You will carry out different task sets, taking place in different locations of the city. Let's start hopping in the very first mission and ace them all.

There will be a fixed time range for all missions, so what we need you to do is to complete as many as possible within that given time. This multiple-mission game will also be the opportunity to show everyone your skill range! From roaming the big city, exploring different infrastructure, racing in the off-roading in the mountainous areas, to stealing and maneuvering supercars, all the actions are here for you to experience!

Keep in mind that you will need to learn how to shoot using your guns from the running cars as well. Your targets will be the approaching enemies, and other randomly popped-up items in this free open-world game of! Your biggest threat in this game will be the mobs of dangerous mafia gangsters. They come from other directions on their off-road automobiles and vehicles, so prepare to counterattack and become the ruthless real superhero to protect the city!

All these fun and adventure activities are free to play, with a diverse collection of vehicles ranging from vans, trucks, tanks, and sports cars, to others. Utilize the list of weapons in the game such as the rifle, auto machine gun, and rocket launcher or grenade to keep your vehicles safe. Emerge in more realistic 3D worlds filled with gangsters and thrilling concepts such as Revolution OffroadDrift F1!


Use WSAD to move,

spacebar to jump,

left mouse to fire, right mouse to aim,

and F key to get the vehicle in or out.