Golden Scarabeaus

Golden Scarabeaus will bring quite a challenge to the adventurers who are searching for the golden Scarabs in this prestigious temple at ABCya adventure games. As you move through the maze, the corners, and different platforms of this game, you will find the golden scarabs. These are the pieces that you need to collect in order to move to the next rooms.

Chambers have different layouts as well as different obstacles, which results in quite a tough challenge overall. In order to overcome it, the players will need to constantly update on the tips and tricks as well as thinking of new ways to win the game. Innovative and creative solutions will guarantee the fastest way out of each chamber, but overall, the focus of getting out before trying to gather all the golden pieces. Take advantage of the little square minions to make them drop, move, roll, and reach the required places on the platform. Sometimes, it takes two minions cooperating in the movement to unlock the secret and the doors.

For example, the ice cube can melt and float, while the thick ones can roll, move, and jump. Moreover, different cubes show a unique reaction to certain objects in the environment of this game at This allows the players to use them to smash through blocks and switch the ability on and off with just a simple click on the switch! Move around the hazardous areas and dodge the dangerous spikes to keep the cubes intact. Also, focus on finding out the right orders and arrangements for the switches. Have fun with these block-headed characters while collecting the golden beetles off the road! Plenty of gaming selections that are updated daily like Dr. Panda Airport and Pirate Adventure are available for you also.

Instructions: Click or drag the items to interact and change their shapes.