Animal Pairs

Another gaming option from ABCYa 4th collection with the theme of matching similar tiles will be your next addictive gameplay for free! In this vibrant game of Animal Pairs, the kids will learn about the different animals thanks to the tiles with their images on them. These tiles are scattered all over the floor, some are flipped over and some are stacking on each other.

You will have to spot the pair of similar patterns or images so that you can click on both and clear them off the board. The flipped tiles will be harder to see. Our recommendation for newbies in this puzzle game is that they should deal with the ones on the top first. There are three bars of statistics on the top of the screen that will show you how many pairs you matched, how long you have left, and your number of scores.

The faster you match, the more bonuses you will gain. This is not only a fun game with an arcade and card theme but it also helps the kids learn about the shapes and images of different creatures in the wilderness. Have your kids enjoy this or share it with your friends to spread the positivity and fun gameplay of such a cool educational game online!

The two most important skills to save time and bring home the top scores in this game will be your reflexes and observation. Once you spot a possible pair, click on them immediately! There's no limitation on your number of moves so freely test and rematch if necessary. Come to explore our free world of the most interesting games like Slide The Ball or Time Control, all with no cost!

How to play:

Choose the animal tiles and interact using the left mouse button.