Crazy Monster Shooter

Crazy Monster Shooter is all about the art of combining survival instinct and shooting technique. How well will you be able to shoot when being under pressure and scared in this ABCya fighting game? As there will be tons of waves of hellish enemies aiming to take over your territories and kill and collect their loot, you will have to take over the main hero role and shoot to defeat them.

The increasing number of armies from your neighbor will be quite a problem. Do your best to aim precisely as they move and hit their bodies or heads. The more streaks of successful shots you gain, the higher your combos and scores will be. There will be plenty of upgrading items available in the in-game store, however, all of these need to be purchased with the coins you gained.

Don't forget another crucial task of unlocking new weapons to fight and keep the base safe from hell. There are statistics on the game screen that the players can find out how much energy and how much ammo they have left. A tip for newbies will be shared randomly from one screen to another, so pay attention as much as possible!

Feel free to grab more friends to participate in this game online as it's free and available for kids of all ages. Let's go through the basics and controlling keyset for the game first before hitting any battlefield! Go ahead and conquer more matches between the toughest teams in other fighting games like Siberian Strike from, all of which are filled with excitement and thrilling gaming features.

Controlling keys:

Use WASD and the arrow to move.

Aim and shoot using the mouse cursor or touchpad.

Use the right mouse button to throw grenades.