Bare Ball

Bare Ball brings a new set of gaming themes with the highlight of brick-breaker gameplay to allow players of all ages to explore during their free time on our website of ABCya kid game. Not only will there be tons of amazingly different levels for you to enjoy but this game also contains many game modes.

Ranging from the theme of Classic, Double, 1024, and random mode, each of them comes with a unique requirement and many twists for you to tackle when you have the time. Regardless of the setting or layout, the goal is to unlock all the possible stages within your time here. Come to explore the two control modes for mobiles and tablets and three on PC that let the players select their set of keys.

Control the bar and bounce back the ball toward the wall of bricks to clear them all. Keep moving back and forth between the positions on the platform to keep the ball from falling. The direction and place that you choose to counter-attack and bounce the ball towards will be important as this is your way of clearing out the bricks.

Depending on the stage and the difficulty level, you will be facing different layouts and set-up of bricks, each with its unique placement and positioning. Active movements are the key points for this game here at, alongside a bunch of newly added games like Mad Defense or Build An Island! Get your hands on this game and choose whichever game mode that suits you most!

Controlling keys:

Touch or click on the screen to move or use the keyboard arrow keys to control the bar.

There will be two control buttons available at the corner of the screen to let you use in case the other two are not your favorites.