Flying Mufic

If you used to enjoy the classic game of helping the birds flap their wings and overcome the most obstacles in the other games, this ABCya4 free game option called Flying Mufic will be a good gaming option for your playtime with your friends. Compete against some friends and take turns playing the game to see if you can break the highest scores set in this game online!

The work you are going to do is simply to flap the wings and dodge the obstacles while doing so. There will be lots of pipes popping up on the path, therefore, you need to fly over all the columns and dodge the gaps. The more you tap on the bird or the screen, the higher it flies. Control the movement and the bounciness of the bird carefully to avoid overestimating the height or missing the gap. When you stop hitting the mouse button, the bird will automatically drop the height. It's best to adjust the flight speed if you are going a further distance. Avoiding the pillars and tubes will be the main goal of this game.

Contemplating more games with different and unique genres will be equally fun, so why don't you hit it up more? It might take a few practices to master the art of flapping the wings as you haven't gotten used to the gameplay at first. However, once you get used to the basic movement of the game, it will come as a natural instinct to you! Get ready to flap the wings constantly and reach the furthest distance! Plenty of new games such as Rolling Halloween and Tunnelz from will be suitable options for different occasions.

Controlling keys: Click on the left mouse button or tap on the screen to make the bird flap its wings.