Angry Farm Crossy Road

As the farm gate had been left open, all the chickens on the farm managed to escape! You will participate in the new quest to assist the farmer on the journey to gather them and bring them back to the farm safely. Unfortunately, when the farm's chickens ran outside to see what was going on, they crossed multiple roads and crossroads. Your mission is all about helping the farmer return them to the farm without getting hit by any vehicles on the street.

First, choose the position to gather the chicken. Once they have formed a crowd behind your farmer, start moving towards the farm and move the herd along! It's fun to watch the movement of the characters in this arcade game from ABCya online 2022 as they move in such as hilarious and cute way! Don't forget that you need to keep an eye on the road to make sure that your chickens can dodge any vehicle that is approaching.

Any car or truck might run over them and be a threat! While the chickens are moving, keep an eye on the dropping eggs as another mission of yours is to gather as many eggs as possible. Your final score at the end of your turn will be calculated as the total of eggs that you managed to gather and the number of chickens that you managed to save.

Keep the chickens alive for as long as possible to bring them back to the safe farm! Can you conquer more arcade games such as Bridge Dawn with similar themes and equally fun gameplay here at during your game time with your friends? The controlling set of the game is easy to understand as well as to handle, so pick up this game now!

Instructions: Use the mouse to slide A out of the driveway.