World Of Fighters: Iron Fists

The streets of World Of Fighters: Iron Fists will be filled with tons of gangs and street thugs who are teaming up to conquer the street. Can you change the situation, fight the tough ones, and bring this group of yours into the World Of Fighters: Iron Fists online game to the highest rank? Thanks to the pixelated animation that resembles the old arcade game, this ABCya fun game quickly captured the attention of our players. Maneuver your team called the "Iron Fist" to operate outside the law and participate in the toughest fights to win!

By spreading out and joining the battles one by one, you get the chance to wipe out the evil guys and clean the city, before moving to fight the boss, and be the champion of the street as well as the city! Perform your best moves in this game to claim the winning spot per stage. Each character can be unlocked using a specific number of coins and scores, so gain as many as possible before moving on to the levels of the bosses! Start by picking a suitable character base on your current level of coins.

The characteristics, strengths, and differences in punches as well as kicks will make the characters suitable for different missions. By picking the one that fits your fighting style, you will be able to accelerate your speed of wiping out the game board! Here at, keep your eyes on some popular gaming options of Stickmen Crowd Fight or Skeleton Hunter, each with its signature genre, gameplay, themes, and highlights.

How to control the character:

Move using the arrow keys,

use the Z key to punch, the X key to kick,

C to defend, spacebar to jump.

Use Z or X or double tap to deliver a special attack.